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in cycling... the city bicycle community is growing. Each monthly ride, new faces and bikes appear from the woodwork. My days have turned into routine, geometric routes, running parallel maps in my head: from home to work, work to home, home to zia, so forth and so forth. A few stops here and there but definitely enjoying my new side of town. Each street has been ridden on so often that my body makes the proper jerks, and movements, to ride the perfect, smooth line. That plus great weather and a killer soundtrack is pure bliss. Sprint and Destroy is just around the corner and training is in the process. A few cats from SLC, and hopefully LA, will be in attendance.

in music...
my record collection is growing, not only in size but in quality. At my neighborhood record store I am racking up the ZIA Record points. Music is life.

+check out Deerhunter/Atlas Sound's blog

in literature...tackling the epic Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

I had heard news a few weeks ago that my step brother received an award for a short story he wrote in school. It had been a topic of discussion at the dinner table; when I would trek to Henderson to see my family. I'm really proud of my brother's achievement and applaud his mature writing ability. It would be far too great of a stretch, to imagine that I had some influence on this; family is family. Finally, after great praises from my parents, and a slew of young writers association
...here is Boardwalk by Sean P. Cunningham.


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