-See Radiohead Before I Die: CHECK

Looks like Radiohead are making their only U.S. stop, supporting their In Rainbows record, in New York City. Headlining Friday and Saturday during a three day festival. Well after reading a report from Pitchfork about the lineup and details (Put on by Paul Tollett, the same organizer as Coachella, inside the Liberty State Park, Statue to Liberty backdrop, Animal Collective, Matric, the Roots, etc) I immediately jumped on the oppurtunity and bought tickets twenty minutes after they were on sale. I think both dates are now sold out, referring to the band's website.

August 9th is a long ways away and no plans have been made yet. All I have is a date and a few hours to dedicate my time. Which begs the questions of: How to get there (1)car, uhh nope, definitely don't even trust it to take to to LA, let alone across the country. (2) airplane, maybe, would definitely take the fun out of seeing the east coast, but would get me there in a snap. (3)Amtrak, maybe, it would probably be better to fly somewhere in the midwest, so I'm not stuck on a train for a week.

Either way it's getting done, and going to get done in my regular fashion. Alone. Messenger bag. Camera. Books. I haven't seen the east coast in some time. excitement.

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lisa vega said...

dear sir...

you should come visit philly!