I have been thinking about this post for a while.

Normally I always keep my Facebook IM app off. Often times, I would leave Facebook open but continue onto other tabs, then an IM notification would catch my eye and get me completely sidetracked. But that app did bring me one lovely surprise.

After falling asleep one night, I awoke to a single instant-message from Bryan Novelo. It was a link to an article: a show review from an El Paso, TX quintet. That band was At the Drive-In. I love ATDI, and no one knows this more than Bryan. They played a tiny coffee shop in Germany. The footage is bare-bones; a single camera with decent sound, but you can see that something incredible was happening. The band had so much energy and heart, it would have been surreal to see that band in that setting. The article is interesting and the videos are beautiful. I was late for work that day because of it.

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