New Years Res.

In 2009 I wanted to quit drinking soda, win a bike race, establish stronger base-miles when training, and keep everything on point. Check, check, check, and I guess...check. In the spirit of stepping my game up I wrote my New Years Resolution/Goals for 2010. Should be a very busy and exciting year...

Take care of my car.
It doesn't get driven very often, but I was definitely lacking on routine maintenance last year. I plan on driving out to LA and AZ a lot this year for races, so my car needs to be ready to go.
Expand music collection.
Vinyl or CD it doesn't matter, I didn't buy as much last year as I would of liked. I've got a list the length of my arm, of records I need! I'm diving more and more into the hip-hop realm, mostly 90's, and would like to pick some more up.
Save money.
I spent close to 4 grand on bikes last year! Totally worth it but it put me in a hole many times. I think this brings me to my next resolution...
Stay in more.
Why spend so much money on drinks when I can just buy a bottle and have company over? Right? Right!
Travel more.
I already have a few trips lined up.
Get back on track with school.
I finally figured out what degree/major to aim for.

Balancing school, work, riding, and life is the ultimate goal for this year.

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