American Nightmare Reunion Shows

The year was 2003, I was at Warped Tour in Anaheim, wandering around aimlessly. I came acorss the Equal Visions tent. The merch guy commmented on my t-shirt and asked what kind of music I listened to. "Punk mostly!" I proudly pronounced. He looked over all the CD's on his table and quickly handed me Give Up the Ghost "" CD. He said I would really enjoy it and I should give it a shot.

That was my introduction to American Nightmare (Give Up the Ghost). I never really cared for the scene surrounding it, as I still don't. I'm only interested in the music.

So American Nightmare are getting back together for some late-December shows. I would consider going to the LA show if it wasn't so close to New Years Eve. It's still awesome that they are getting back together.

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