O'Keefe Architect

Mad props to my Dad.

My Dad, Oscar O'Keefe Architect told me a little while back that he was working on a small coffee and tea shop. He has a lot of projects going on, usually all at once. It wasn't until my friend, Jenner, told me he saw my Dad's advertisement on an open space near the UC, that I took notice. Right next to Cafe Rio (formerly Omelet House...RIP) is a small little soon-to-be shop space with my Dad's bright red and yellow sign on it. It's bigger than the actually store sign haha.

In a few weeks, Tea Time Cafe will be open. It's across from UNLV and walking distance from my house. They will serve boba tea, coffee, and other goodies. The owners are supposedly pretty cool. There is another location in deep North Las Vegas but this new location will fit in perfectly. This may be the new hangout or meetup spot. So be sure to check it out and admire the wonderful architecture crafted by my Dad. Props Dad, Props!

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