PCK RR and Mothballs Crit

The 2012 race season is off to a great start.

I got home only a few hours ago but I feel I should post all this now while it is fresh in my head. James, Chcuk and I ventured off to Santa Barbara to compete in the Poor College Kids Road Race in Los Olivos, CA and Mothballs Criterium in Goleta, CA. The weather was perfect. It stayed in the upper 70's during the day and there was no need for any leg or arm warmers during the races.

I took 21st in the PCK RR. It was a very short (28 mile) race, just a quick one lap with a big of a climb at the end. This was my first road race of the season and I can not wait for more. It's strange how calm I felt going +30mph downhill, only inches away from total strangers and their bikes. I guess you really have to trust yourself and the people around you. While I had some decent luck in my race, Chcuk took an excellent 9th place in his race.

This is Mike Hand. He is a total badass, I mean just look at his legs. He gave Allegiant Cycling our first win of the season by taking 1st in the Masters +35!! In a field with two National and a WORLD champion, he really brought the hammer down. This is great motivation for our entire team and this is surely the shape of things to come.

After a carbo-loaded dinner and a good night sleep, we headed North to Goleta, CA for the Mothballs Crit. This was my first crit of the season and I was a bit hesitant on doing a crit so early in the year. These races are magnets for wrecks and injuries. But I manned up and lined up. To my surprise it was actually pretty smooth. The NuVision boys were out and we worked together. I managed to dodge a crash and come in 15th place. After the race, we all took a recovery ride to the coast.

Next week will bring me to San Diego for the Boulevard RR and Red Trolley Crit...

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