Put a big checkmark on my bucket list...I saw Radiohead.

Megan got me tickets to Radiohead as a Christmas present. Three months flew by and it was time to take the boring drive to Phoenix, AZ. After a quick dinner and pre-game drinks we were finally in our seats to see Radiohead!

They opened with "Bloom", the first track off their new album King of Limbs. The second Thom Yorke's voice echoed over the layers of guitars and drums I knew I was in for a treat. The place went into a frenzy. Everyone got out of their seats and grooved uncontrollably so a greatest hits set list. They played a lot of deep cuts, by which I mean, not the singles. While they did not stray far from "Weird Fishes" and "15steps", they also ventured into songs I forgot they had in the arsenal. Airbag was a track that had everyone screaming from the first note.

We were seated far back enough to see they whole crowd but close enough to see Thom's signature muppet-like dance moves. He is such an infectious front man. He had everyone in his control. Radiohead have gotten a bit more political in the past few years. They made a huge statement by not playing in the US while George Bush was in office (hence Hail to the Thief). They have also made a conscious effort to use alternative-fuel tour buses and lower watt LCD blubs for their live show. Thom did make an interesting statement about politicians wearing makeup. It came out of nowhere and by itself; no explanation just throwing it out there. It didn't seem to matter because the audience went crazy when they went into "Lotus Flower" after that.

In all, they played for 2 1/2 hours and went through 26 songs. Quite a set! I was bummed they didn't play more from OK Computer, although they did close with "Paranoid Android". Before launching into that classic, Thom Yorke said, "We have a suprise for everyone."

The show ended too soon. I wish they would have played for five hours. I'm positive everyone in that stadium would have stayed that long too. It's stil sort of surreal when I say to myself that I saw them. I've been waiting to see Radiohead since the first time I heard them in 8th grade. I feel like I can die happy now. Until next time Mr. Yorke...

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