wwwwiiiipppe out

had a bit of a tumble.

I was just riding along the Santa Ana River Trail, when I hit a wet patch on a corner and face planted. The next thing I fully remember is riding my bike home. I vaguely remember getting up, and vaguely remember someone helping me to my feet and telling me to call someone to pick me up.

My front wheel washed out so I fell at a really weird angle. I face planted. Chipped two teeth. Lost consciousness for a few seconds.

I went to the Urgent Care where they bandaged me up. Once I told them I lost consciousness for a small amount of time, or rather- I don't remember if I did or not, that was enough for them to send me to the ER in a cab. In the ER they examined my head, took x-rays of my jaw, then sent me home to rest for a few days.

The following day, I went to the dentist to get my teeth fixed. Once my lips and gums heeled I was ready to get my teeth capped. BOOM new teeth!

I got back on the bike today and it felt great. Im going to Mallorca in a few weeks and am starting winter training shortly. Good things to come!

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