Getting out of my comfort zone

I have this terrible habit of getting out of contact with a friend and waiting way too long to reconnect. It's usually in the back of my head to talk to that person but I feel like I have dug a hole too deep to fill it in with a 5min conversation. I wouldn't know where to start anyways.

A lot has happened in a year, or actually the past three months.
1. I quit my job.
After 5yrs working for Miu Miu I decided to resign and take some time to re-evaluate life. I hadn't saved a ton of money. There was no once I saved xxx amount of dollars, then I can comfortably live for xxx amount of time plan. It was more of a vague, Yeah, I have enough and I will figure it out scenario. I quit my job without having anything lined up. This goes against everything I was taught in my youth from parents, teachers, friends, etc. but strangely enough it was my mom who gave me the courage to make the jump. I would call her on my lunch breaks and complain and complain about my boss, disorganized corporate office, and how I was going INTO work already stressed out. "That is no way to live your life." my mom would constantly tell me.

So I did it. Gave a month and a half notice and left. I chose to rather not have a job, not have any income than to work for Miu Miu. That speaks volumes. A lot of people don't have the courage to break out of their comfort zone.

2. Took some time off
I spent a lot of time in California with Jonathan Redic. He was in the same boat as me. He just got wise a few months earlier. BUT two weeks to the day after i left I got a job offer from, what would otherwise be a dream job, from Aria. I got the call as I was walking to Jonathan's house in Redondo Beach, CA. We had just finished up an amazing bike ride on the coast and we talked a lot about life; and a lot about me moving to California.

I said yes to the job, but immediately regretted it once I hung up the phone. I had to be back in Vegas the next day to sign papers. I drove back in complete silence. No music. Just me and my thoughts: trying to figure out my next move. Do I take the job and stay in Vegas where it is easy, comfortable, and cheap or do I move to California and start over.

3. Turn down the job and liquidate my life.
I go through the motions with Aria but the day after I signed the job offer I call them to withdraw the offer. The next day it was decided. I was going to move to Costa Mesa.

In the interim, I took some time to relax. I woke up, watched cycling races in Europe, rode my bike around 9 or 10am, made lunch, watched Netflix, and just enjoyed life. I realized something. I have always had a job since I was 15.5yrs old. Since I was old enough to legally work, I worked. So it was hard getting used to this new found freedom. But I think I did okay.

I knew I was leaving soon so I made a honest effort to speak with as many as I could, and say Goodbye.

4. I moved to Costa Mesa!
I wanted to make a lateral move as far as employment goes. I know that if I wanted to continue working in luxury retail, it was either Beverly Hills or Costa Mesa. The thought of driving in LA gives me nightmares. I weighed my options and decided that Costa Mesa better fit my personality. Besides, i knew that a Celine store was opening in South Coast Plaza so that was enough of a reason for me.

So I am writing to you from beautiful and sunny Costa Mesa, California. I found a roommate. Left some stuff in storage in Las Vegas. Told a few friends I was leaving. And that was that.

All of this was in the span of about three months. I left my job April 1st and on June 1st I signed a lease for an apartment. Things are slowly coming together and I am proud of what I have accomplished. The story continues though....things are happening...and I am not done making waves.

A lot of people don't have the courage to break out of their comfort zone. I'm glad I made the jump.

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