450.09 miles and roughly six hours later I arrived in Reno,NV from Las Vegas, NV.
I can't really say that it has hit me, as of how far and how long I will be gone from home. Reno is a regular stop for myself. I come here on a spontaneous outbursts. I didn't even have to look at my map. Well, I made a wrong turn by not going on I-80 but quickly realized I had made the mistake earlier, only a few miles and minutes lost. God damn you Fallon, NV: you mess me up every time.

I grabbed some Cliff Bars, Chips, Vitamin, and Smart Water from Whole Foods before I left Vegas. My iPod is working perfectly and I just made a much-needed roadtrippin playlist. Full of Grandaddy, Pedro the Lion, Justice, Air, the Promise Ring, and m83: just to name a few. Shortly after my arrival to Ashley's house I passed out cold. Highway fatigue had been building up since the 95. I hadn't slept that hard in weeks.

9 am: bike ride down S. Virgina to go visit Amay at her new job. She recognized me this time. Which is hard to believe on accounts of my extreme hair cut. (pictures soon). I proceeded down the road looking for Court Street. A man in a SUV assured me I was going the right direction. I found Dharma Books like a possessed refugee, finding comfort and relishing in the pillars of classic and current novels. I purchased a book of Selected Poems from Leonard Cohen and the subterraneans by Jack Kerouac, appropriately. I later visited Never Ender and the Pnuematic Diner, which was too full for me to sit and eat a vegan panini: it's not like I'm never coming back. While leaving the Peppermill I recieved a phone call from Matt Della Salla, i had completely forgotten that he moved up state so soon. We meet by the river and I showed Matt and Amber around as if I was a local to the city. We walked back to their apartment, that's a mear walking distance from UNR. I admire their convictions and happiness, it's a rare thing to find two people so in love and focused; not quite envious but certainly eye opening. Rode back through suburbs of antique homes and shitty roads, quite sure I popped my tire at least three times.

Tomorrow morning I will burst onto the I-80 Westbound for three hors. Destination Redwood, CA; one-hour shy of the Golden Gate. Phone, iPod, Camera, feet, and car well rested and charged.

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