250.74 miles and roughly four hours later I arrived in Vallejo to greet my Uncle Jon. I hadn't seen him in a year and his daughter in eighteen: family right. But they couldn't of been better to me. Jon insisted that he show me everywhere inside, around, in between, about, and underneath the great city of San Francisco. He drove me through countless back roads and gave me minute history lessons on each town and area. i got to hand it to him, he sure does know his history and I was simply dumbfounded with all the trivia he knew on the area.

We all had dinner downtown where I finally got to see the rest of my cousins that I havent seen in years. Brenden and I talked as if we saw each other a week ago, when in reality it had been four years. It was good to talk to someone on my level, someone who knew what I came here for, someone who was sure to show me how, just someone. We ate more that evening than I had eaten all trip. Afterwards it was dark and the city turned on their lights. For a second I forgot where I was and had to back track a bit. Jon wanted me to see all of SF so I can go off by myself and see what I wanted to see without being completely lost.

Despite what you have heard walking around and getting lost in San Francisco IS the thing to do. Brenden gave me a map which came in handy quite often but I let my shoes lead the way. I didn't take in the magnitude of these hills from inside a passenger seat, but who in their right minds would build on something that steep. I saw a messenger slowly climb up one of the hills and I just stood in awe. After a few heavy down strokes, he was on top of that hill; quickly looking back for a quick marvel and self assurance.

What could be said of this place: the people, the cultures, the cycling, the fashion, the history, the weather, the food; all top-notch. It never exceeded 80 degrees and my hoodie never became too much of a burden. I could go on forever on each street i walked, which shops I visited, how many miles I walked, how many more I saw from the trolley, but it wouldn't do any justice.

I'm at a bit of a crossroads in my trip. The days are being pulled away and Vancouver is so far. Do I press on towards the 101 immediately and continue my trek through the coast? Or do I stay another day and ride my bike along the Golden Gate Bridge and visit Haight/Ashubry again? I've got to find the balance between time and space: Such is life.

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