Destroyer 'Bay of Pigs EP'

Listen, I've been drinking...

As if you would expect anything less than superb from Dan Bejar. There's a special place in my heart for Destroyer. When Bejar is not fronting Canadian indie rock supergroup The New Pornographers he is diligently working on his solo work.

When I first discovered 'Trouble In Dreams' last year, it became the soundtrack to many happy and not-so-happy months. Artists never know when they truly move someone, a certain experience or person can make the most mediocre music seem mind-blowing and inspiring. But when you mix fantastic music with wonderful memories, it's magic.

This two track EP is a sneak peek at the sound (...hopefully) to come from future Destroyer records. The first track is certainly new ground for Bajar, he dabbles in a sort of electronic...dare I say...disco feel on this one. Nearly five minutes go by the first track with minimalistic bleeps, Dejar's voice, and ambient fuzz, but once the band kicks in, everything clicks. The record is twenty minutes of ambient-drone-pop, filled with his usual alcoholism, girl-name-calling, and sarcastic-bouncy bop-chorus lines.

mp3_ Destroyer 'Bay of Pigs'

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