Sunny Day Sunday

I decided to bail early Saturday night and wake up early for a long bike ride.

When I got up to Summerlin I ran into Ian. We were both pretty stoked to run into each other and cruise around. We both tackled the Red Rock Loop and the surrounding Summerlin area.

I was pretty tired on the way back and I was letting my mind bounce from thought to thought, as I often do my best thinking while I ride. The quick thought of getting a flat came to mind: how I havent had one in weeks and weeks. And then BAM, flat tire! No worries, but...I grabbed the wrong size tube, bummer. I got a flat about three or four blocks away from my house so I just walked the rest of it. As I passed the Convention Center I guy in a white pickup walked out toward me.

"Clincher or tubular?" he asks.

I was completely taken aback from this stranger's knowledge of bicycle wheels. After the shock I answered,"Clincher."

He pulled out a few tubes from his back seat. I said thanks but they wouldn't work. The valves were too small. When he noticed this he smiled and said sorry.

"Well do you need a ride home?" he asked.
"Huh, I'm okay." I responded.
"C'mon. Let me help out a fellow cyclist."
"Right on! Thanks!"

As it turns out he is an avid cyclist/triathlete who rides around Red Rock and races often. We talked about bikes for a few blocks and he turned out to be a really cool guy. I thanked him for the ride and told him maybe we will ride together soon.

few daily snaps...

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brett said...

he hella wanted to show you his tube.