Parisian Love. Search On.

I had the idea to post this immediately after I saw the ad yesterday. But ISO50 beat me to the punch haha. I give credit where credit is due. Google's first ever advertisement on the Super Bowl may have gone unnoticed in many sports bars and parties. I for one was akwardly watching the game at my father's house accompanied by my Step-Mom, Step-brother and token step-friends. It went unnoticed.

This slow and quiet ad was quite unique to the usual loud, abrasive, and not-so-funny commercials seen during commercial breaks. Google has been running with these commercials for a bit. The birth of Batman and two friends making a makeshift Christmas-light-SUV comes to mind. This story follows a guy who goes to Paris, takes some classes, falls in love, marries, and proceeds to marital bliss...all with the use of Google search engine. Life is like that.

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Anonymous said...

wow, i was going to post this too and totally spaced it. this commercial was so cute, simple, and smart. loved it.