San Marcos Pro Criterium Race

Took 19th in the super fast and dicey San Marcos Crit.

First off, mad props to Saskia for the photos.

It was great seeing Joe and Saskia (from HOC) this weekend. I rolled down to San Marcos for a little bike race and road trip action. Chcuk, Karim, and I blasted techno the whole way down. Chcuk drives wayy too fast, but I love it. We watched the final stage of Tour de France and raced our separate races on Sunday. This was my second cat4 race and I felt really good. I was mid-pack most of the race but got a bit held up on the final lap. Each race I learn something new and I know what I need to work on. I'm not planning on doing any races in August; seeing as the season is winding down. I could really use a break.

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