Deerhunter "Halcyon Digest"

New album announced as well as DIY promotion.

Deerhunter is hands down my favorite band. Anything Bradford Cox touches is gold. The psych-indie-pop rockers from Athens,GA are set to release their new LP strangely titled "Halycon Digest" (I'm nearly positive we will never get a proper explanation for the name) out on 4AD Records September 28th.

Want to hear some of the new tracks? Will that might cost you a little work / adventure / vandalism...

Go to their album devoted page HalyconDigest [dot] com, print it out the poster, put it up anywhere, take a picture, email it to flyers@halycondigest [dot] com, and retrieve your reward! One is sitting pretty on our fridge and once I get proper time and nightlight I will post them around town. Ohh, this takes me back to when I used to put up my show flyers around Maryland Prkwy in the early 00's. Thank you Deerhunter for taking back the streets!

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Style said...

they just played nyc for free yesterday!