Chris Nemmo "The Nautilus Project"

Smooth-progressive-jazz-house-funk perfection

Chris Curry (aka DJ Roccanova) and I met up last night for some drinks at Downtown Cocktail Room. It seems to be our spot. The smooth and slow electro-house music fits the ambiance of the room and the drinks are always on point. Super chill.

The first thing he said to me was that I had to check out this album he found, "It's pretty much everything good in music you want to hear." Well he wasn't kidding...this album is very, very good. It's perfect for staying home and working on little creative art projects, composing blog posts, driving late at night way to fast, or just laying on your bed and zoning out. This gives a soundtrack to nearly any adventure.

This album jumps around a lot but seamlessly flows from genre to genre. At times I feel like I'm listening to a more polished Eric Prdyz cut and the next track will feel like some new Groove Armada jam. There are horns, hand claps, heavy bass, and killer synth lines! I don't know where he finds all these amazing records, but I'm sure glad he did.

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