Tour de Sol 2011

Took 9th overall in the Tour de Sol...minus the sol.

Last weekend found the NuVision boys in St. George, UT for the Tour de Sol. The forecast predicted cold temperatures, high winds, and possible chance of snow/rain...awesome. Luckily, we only encountered the first two.

Saturday morning was foggy and cold for our 20K Time Trial. This was my first long distance time trial and now I know what I need to work on. While a proper time trial bike would be benefitial, (still not completely necessary, seeing as I only do a few a year) I feel I need to work on pacing myself over longer solo distances. I could blame the high winds and shitty roads but in actuality I could have paced myself better. Time trialing is all in the mind. I took a respective 15th.

Saturday afternoon was our Criterium. After some lunch and rest in our hotel, we ventured across the street (literally) to the Crit course. With super long straights and two U-turns, it was more of a TT. Nathan and I managed to get into the lead break. Nathan took 9th and I took 8th.

Sunday morning brought us to our 40 mile Road Race. With the sun barely up and out we packed up to leave for Gunlock, UT, where our RR began and ended. We drove through the course the day before to get a feel for what the hills and descents looked like and where to attack. In the begining of the race, I was feeling great and knew exactly where to attack; right after the big, long climb which would split the field. A few miles before that I got a flat! I waited for the wheel car and quickly changed my wheel. Thankfully Greg waited and helped me get back to the group. I sprinted up the hill past a lot of riders in order to catch the lead group of 8. But the damage was done, they had momentum descending down the hills and I was left chasing the whole day. I finished 9th, a mere two minutes behind the leader.

After TNW I start my vacation! It's going to be nice lounging around the house hanging with Megan. We celebrate our six month anniversary on Thursday! I need a few days to wind down. I will do some light training to prepare for the Redlands Crit.

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