Four Tet live mix + News

It's Friday, I'm trying to do as little as possible.

Electronic mastermind Four Tet did a fantastic fuckin' DJ set in London's Boiler Room yesterday. Fader was kind enough to post the track and video online. It's a bit over 45 minutes long; the perfect length for morning web/blog browsing with a cup of coffee. Just a recommendation. You can add the track over at soundcloud.com and watch the video here.

Megan and I caught dinner and a show at Cosmopolitian last night. We ate at Holstein's Bun and Shakes. It was much better than our evening at neighboring restaurant China Poblano. I would highly recommend Holstein's! Nothing beats alcholoic shakes and burgers, it's universal. While Megan and I were eating at Holstein's we noticed a rather cute couple sitting a few tables away.

After dinner, we caught a set from Tennis. They are a lovely boyfriend-girlfriend (with a drummer for live performances) band from Denver, CO. The story behind their lyrics is pretty interesting and cute. After spending eight months sailing around the Atlantic, they decided to put their experiences to music. Their sound is a sort of quircky guitar, light synth infused indie yacht-rock. We caught up with them after the show and realized that they were the couple we noticed at Holstein's. We all joked about seeing each other earlier and our wonderful burgers and shakes.

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