Redlands Classic Criterium

Took 17th in the very fast and technical Redlands Classic Criterium.

What a weekend! I had April 3rd highlighted on my calender, added in my phone, and registration on my fridge for a while. This was a very important race for me. It was an "A" race. Not to say that all the other races before didn't matter, but this was one I was preparing and training for. The Redlands Classic is a pro stage race; with a TT Prolouge, Road Race, and Criterium. It's the first NRC (Nat'l Race Calender) race of the year, so a lot of Pro teams were aiming for this event as well.

Megan and I drove out early so I could get to my morning race. After getting my number and a quick warm-up, I was on my way. Megan gave me her ring, which I put in my back pocket, for good luck. It came in handy. The course was very fast and technical. A sharp acute turn seemed to give a lot of riders difficulty. After a few laps I found my line and stayed smooth. I stayed with the front group and chased down attacks. There were a lot of crashes but Megan's lucky ring kept my wheels on the ground. A few close calls hic-cupped my final sprint but I managed to stay in it. I felt very good about my performance.

After lunch, I drove with Megan to the Cabazon Outlets. We did some damage! Megan got an awesome Prada bag and sunglasses. It's always chaotic in outlet stores. A lot of walking and people dodging. I managed to catch a nap on the way home and woke up in time to sing along with Megan on out way back to Vegas. It was wonderful getting away for the day.

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