not-so-weekly update post

As usual, it's Friday and I'm trying to do as little as possible.

I'm not expecting any shipments today, I finished my coffee, and now I'm checking my blogs. Today is Friday.

Danny and I did some motorpacing training yesterday. It's a great tool for sprint intervals. First used in Europe, the cyclist would get as close as they could to the moving scooter and maintain the set speed from the driver. When you are tucked into the scooter's draft you can really pick up and maintain some high speeds. My pain threshold is great but I feel I need to work on my "pop" before my sprint. Lance and Danny both agreed to work with me. These are the two guys I looked up to when I first started getting serious about cycling, so I'm honored to have their support and respect.

Tomorrow is the 2nd installment of Sufferfest...2 Red Rock Loops, Mount Potasi climb, and then 2 more Red Rock Loops. I will post results and stats afterwards. I'm stocked full of protein and recovery powders!

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