The Glow Remedy

Liz moved to NYC and started a health blog.

This probably isn't the best thing to write (or read) about when you're hungry, but here it goes...

It's great when friends do creative and positive things! Elizabeth and I worked together at Miu Miu for a while before she moved back to NYC. We shared a common passion for health, fitness, and happiness. Everyday she would tell me of some new superfood she found and suggest quick recipies to help me recovery from tough rides and workouts. With all this knowledge, she decided to bring it all to the blogosphere, and we should all be so fortunate.

The Glow Remedy is a great blog, focused on staying healthy and happy. In these sparatic posts and updates, you will read about a very open-minded vegan who is always keeping her body and mind on the same page. That's a Promise Ring lyric I know, but it fits. Maybe her next piece will be about healthy meals (non-protein powder drink) that would help a cyclist recover from a five hour bike ride, where +2000 calories are burned and need to be restored...hint hint.
So follow, read, and enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome blog post!!! I'm working on your request! :)