not-so-weekly update post

What's going down in Ryan-town...riding bikes mostly.

Over the weekend we had the full Allegiant Airlines Cycling Team in town. We have three racers who live in California, so it is a rare treat to get everyone together for some solid miles. On top of that we got our new kits!! They look amazing and feel smooth. They are Euro cut so the kits fit me like a glove. The color scheme is darker that the season before, which is good because they don't get dirty as fast. For the past few months I have been wearing hand-me-downs from other teammates; there is nothing like New Kit Day, it's almost as exciting as New Bike Day.

On top of new kits...and on top of getting the entire team together...we had the extreme privilege to have TeJay Van Garderen and Taylor Phinney join us on our Saturday Training ride! Both riders are friends with Mauricio Prado and they agreed to come back to Vegas for the weekend. It was amazing watching how smooth they ride and how cool they are off the bike. Tejay was super nice, talkative and always had a smile. Taylor was really cool and joked about staying in the draft. All in all, a very excellent adventure.
TeJay and Taylor on top of Hoover Dam.

Taylor and Mauricio

TeJay and HTC prepare for TOC

Taylor as a youngster

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